Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Windsor Ruins

If you have never been to Windsor Ruins, this is the perfect weekend to do so. Grab those family members up off the couch and go for an adventure! For you see, Windsor Ruins will not always be here. For as time goes by, the columns keep deteriorating. Even on this trip, some bricks had come loose from one of the columns and were scattered at its base. Mother Nature is not going to wait for you and all it is going to take is one tornado to take this Mississippi treasure to memory status. Better yet, go for the stillness the place offers. Stand among the columns and just listen to the quietness of nature around you. It's a wonderful feeling...just you and the Lord together...again.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Marty. I'm so glad you've captured them before they are completely "gone with the wind."

  2. I visited Windsor Ruins for the first time last week and I could only imagine how beautiful it must have been in its day. My heart was heavy for the loss the people must have felt for their home. Being there just made me want to cry and mourn. Beautiful still in my mind.