Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dew drops and spider webs

One of the prettiest pieces of artwork that God regularly creates is dewdrops on spider webs. I love finding such pieces of art whenever this time of year rolls around. Here are a few I have found in the past couple of weeks.


  1. I think everybody knows by now that I have a special affinity for spiders, and part of that is the magical ability to spin something so beautiful---down through the ages, they've just repeated the pattern of their forebears, like litte trained knitting machines.

    And when they're diamond-encrusted with dewdrops---no emperor's clothes---old or new, can compete.

    It made me remember a bit of wedding lore from a century or so ago---a plantation owner in LA had a batch of spiders imported for his daughter's at-home wedding.

    He had his servants put the spiders in each oak tree of the long allee leading to the house, then on the morning of the wedding, they sprinkled the webs with gold dust to sparkle in the sunlight.

    I don't think even Trump could top that one.

  2. I've come back for another look at the mystery of the VERTICAL lines, with the dewdrops spaced and clinging against gravity---magic, indeed.