Monday, May 2, 2011

Remembering the Big Red Barn

 The structure in Rolling Fork, affectionately called the Big Red Barn, collapsed Friday night or early Saturday morning. Built around 1918, it was majestic. Here are some photos I have taken over the years of the barn, plus some of a house that was once on the property but has since been torn down. You'll also find one of my favorite subjects of all time to take photos of...the piano in the tack room of the barn.

I'll have photos later of the collapse.


  1. Those are awesome, Marty. I especially like the ones taken inside. One of my first thoughts when I heard the news was about that old piano. I'm sorry now that I never had enough nerve to explore inside.

    I linked my today's post about the barn to your and Robert's barn photos.

    I can't wait to see your "after" pictures tomorrow. What a sad fate for that beautiful old landmark.

  2. Marty, I truly appreciate your photos of the red barn. I just posted a note on another site that talked about the red barn. My dad, Guy Drew (1890-1959), was a Greenville Mississippi CPA, and one of his clients was the Graft family of Rolling Fork, who owned the barn and adjacent property. Many mornings, Dad and I would drive down to Rolling Fork, enter the barn's central north/south hallway from the north side, and Dad would work in the office, situated on the west side of the barn's central hallway. I would roam the east-west aisle of the barn's interior, looking at the horses, stalls, time clocks on the wall outside the office, with the smell of hay in the air. Then, at lunch, Dad and I would drive to the Y Kitchen (intersection of US 61 and MS 14). Bogart Graft Jr. was a character, hunted with bow/arrow, had a DuraCraft outboard motor boat, lived on Deer Creek Drive, first house east of US 61, and had a warm place in his heart for an occasional dram of whiskey. Bogart's father lived in a house atop a small mound some 50 yards to the northwest of the barn silos; he died 1955. Nice memories of Rolling Fork. --Dan Drew, Walnut Creek California, danfdrew@msn.comm

  3. I would like to buy some of the photos of the inside of the barn if you could let me know how to do that.
    Julia Ewing

  4. Judy Clements-TurnerJuly 22, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    I too, am interested in the photos.. Bogard was my Grandfather and Frederick Bernard was my Great Grandfather..Thanks for posting these~ Really great photos!