Friday, November 27, 2009

More meanderings

Right across the street from the Presbyterian Church in Church Hill, Mississippi, is this old country store/post office now closed for the ages. I bet many a story has been told on that front porch.

South of Church Hill, Robert Walker and I ran across Cedars Plantation, which features this gazebo by a small pond on its place. Just stunning!

We came back to Vicksburg via the Natchez Trace for a little while. These growths on a tree caught my eye. I do not know what it is or what's its purpose.

We also waded in a couple of creeks and found these shots.

This mussel shell, above, looked like it was staring at me when I walked by and it didn't look none too happy about me being there!

This little ol' shack is right north of Port Gibson on U.S. 61. Let me hear any complaints no longer about the house you are living in being too small.


  1. Great shots! I love the benches. You can almost see the old codgers sitting outside shooting the breeze.

  2. I love all of these, Marty, especially the post office sign with the old "Miss" abbreviation for Mississippi, before the days of zip codes. The gazebo looks like it's from a Thoma Kinkade painting. I love the benches, too -- if only they could talk!

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