Monday, November 2, 2009

A fog rainbow!

This is the sight that I discovered while shooting photos at sunrise on Sunday, Oct. 25. As usual, I couldn't sleep and so headed toward the rail trestle over the Big Black to see if I could get a picture of the sun rising over that magnificent structure. But I got there and it was completely fogged in. Took a few pictures and then headed out on Hwy. 80 toward Edwards. It was Fog City! The photo below is one I took inside the fogbank. It was a classic battle of the sun fighting to gain the upperhand, but the fogbank wanted to live as long as it could. I finally broke through the fog near the cotton fields right there before you get to the Bonner-Campbell Institute. I turned around as and as I headed back to Vicksburg, I couldn't help but notice that one patch of fog on my left was extremely brighter than the fog around it and that a patch on the right side of me was brighter than the fog around it. I couldn't figure it out, so I stopped and got out of my truck to ponder the situation. I was greeted with this fog rainbow! How glorious! In 49 years of living I have never seen anything like it! Has anyone? I took some other great pictures on this morning and will share them with you later. And wait until you see what some friends and I were blessed to see on Saturday!

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  1. Marty---I'm beginning to think you have a touch of the fey in your genes---you discover the most magical moments. They seem to just come to you, as if you were meant to be there at that particular instant.

    The delineation of the arc is just magnificent---and the colors ARE there Roy G. Biv, indeed.