Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Church Hill, Mississippi

After Robert Walker and I visited Windsor Ruins, which was the subject of previous posts this week, we made our way down to Church Hill, Mississippi, down near Fayette. I have heard about this Presbytherian church for quite some time and was not disappointed when it appeared around a curve. It's a gorgeous church surrounded by an old cemetery, including two of the oldest graves I have ever come across. They are pictured lower down. It broke my heart not to be able to go inside, but maybe one day that will happen. Here's another Mississippi treasure...just waiting for you a few miles down the road.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Marty ... I'm going to have to go see that church for myself. Each and every one of your pictures is truly a work of art. I love the front doors!

  2. It's as if you stepped onto the grounds of any small churchyard in England---one of the village ones supported by the local Squire, and called a "living" by Dear Miss Austen. Robes and ecclesiastical tones a given.

    The stone and the arches and the splashes of fading red---just magnificent. I DO hope you'll enter the doors someday, and I wish that your camera could capture that scent of old books and old leather and old stone that comprise such a part of the odor of sanctity in such places.

    And I'm captivated by the listing of the months and days of the lives---perhaps the stonecutter did not charge by the letter in those days. Please return soon when there's a verger or a sexton with a key to let you in---I'd love to see the glow of that glass with the sun coming through.

    And I wish a wonderful Thanksgiving to all you love and to all who love you,