Friday, May 13, 2011

Vicksburg Flood 2011

 Taken on Tuesday, May 10. click on photo to see people on top of wheelhouse. Estimated 5 foot of clearance from top of radar array.
 Yazoo River Bridge on US 61 North. This photo and the ones below were taken in early morning light on Wednesday, May 11.
 Hwy 465 to Eagle Lake
 Intersection of Hwy. 3 and US 61 North
 Redwood Elementary School and the levee built around it

 Chickasaw Bayou Road
 To me, this is the most significant flood photo I have taken to date. Haunting in its colors. And one friend told me the rose bush looked like a funeral wreath placed before the home. This is also on Chickasaw Bayou Road. Click to enlarge, if you please.
 Chickasaw Bayou Road
 Bethlehem M.B. Church on Washington Street. Taken on Wednesday morning. The church should be flooded by now.
 On Washington Street
 The Railroad Depot in downtown Vicksburg; it's on the wrong side of the floodwall


  1. I'm a native of Vicksburg, but stay in south Texas now, very impressed with your pics, wish you had more, great quality

  2. I am really enjoying your fine photography of an area that my family has always loved to visit. Just strolling through your sites in Vicksburg bring back so many memories. I could get lost in time, easily. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great photos, Marty.
    I have linked your blog on my Flickr page, where I posted a shot of the RR depot (dry) as seen several years ago. ( Love the building. It has been prominent in the flood pix in the news this week. How's LD's Restaurant, just behind the depot faring, do you know? -Melystu

  4. These photos are stunningly poignant. You certainly know how to paint a story with your camera.