Thursday, November 19, 2009

Old barn's had it rough

My photo buddies Jerry Rushing, Robert Walker and Ritch Southard and I stumbled upon this old barn the other weekend while rambling around country roads around Cary, Mississippi. It has seen better days. But the foundation is still strong, so there is a lesson here somewhere. Let me mull it over for a while.

Inside the barn was all matter of debris, including this beer can of the sort you just don't see anymore.

On down the road from the barn, this combine was sitting in the middle of a field. Never had seen a burned-up combine. Don'tknow if it died in this spot or was brought here afterwards. It was pretty sad sitting in the field all alone.

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  1. Chris and I point out old barns to each other all the time, and sometimes we stop and take pictures, for they're a passing thing, melting into the earth. The new steel-sided bright metal ones with their vanes and sliding doors and modern shapes are the thing now, and once these slanting faithful old shadows are gone, there will be no more.

    I'm thankful for you every day, that you DO keep the record and the images; they're a beautiful part of our past, and must not be lost.