Friday, October 30, 2009

Canton, Mississippi

I may have actually cheated on the Canton challenge this time for not only did I go inside a building, but I think it may be outside the two-block zone from the square. This is Sacred Heart Catholic Church. While riding around the town, David and I stopped to admire the church and a real nice lady showed up and invited us to see the interior. Of course, off we went and we were glad we did. It's a beautiful church that I just had to show you. Being a good ol' Southern Baptist boy, this is one fancy church!

I hope you have enjoyed this week of photos. If you are not reading this now, you probably didn't! Ha! Hey, thanks for visiting! I had fun with this. Maybe Janie over at southernlagniappe will give me another chance to take up a photo challenge. I learned a lot about Canton — mainly it's once nice place to see!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canton, Mississippi

Oh my goodness, it's Day 4 of Canton Week and I still got lots of photos to go. So there are a few extra today. Hope you got time to look at all of them!

OK, I may have bent the rules again by going into a building, but the next few photos were taken inside Alley Cats, a blues bar in the back of an antiques store on the square. The owner invited David and I inside to look around and we took him up on it. The old microphone caught our eyes immediately and we had fun shooting it. The third photo was taken with a flash, the others were taken with available light. I love 'em!

OK, we're back out on the square again.

A lot of these next pictures were of a cafe on the square that, I think, was set up for the "My Dog Skip" movie that was filmed in and around Canton. Some neat stuff!

The early morning sun was hitting the juke box just right when I was there and gave the white front a slightly yellow glow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canton, Mississippi

It's Day 3 of Canton Week. These photos may not actually qualify for the challenge to shoot the square at Canton because I went inside and shot some photos. Look closely at these photos, too, for it is not often that my photos (other than high school photos) have people in them. But Mr. O'Cain said I could snap away and the man in the chair didn't have a problem with it, so away I snapped! Do these images take you back or what?

I couldn't decide which I liked better, the color of the black-and-white, so I present them both.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Canton, Mississippi

It's Day 2 of Canton Week. The square has more photos per square yard than anyplace in Mississippi! They were everywhere I looked! My photo buddy, David Stuart, also went with me and did a better job of capturing the overall square than I did. I got a little bit too close to most things. David's photos of Canton can be found on his website, Click on the Photography gallery and it is listed under there. David is an excellent photographer and I can learn a lot by how he captures his images.