Friday, November 13, 2009

The creeks of Redwood

By far the prettiest sight in Redwood, Mississippi, is the waterfall off Redwood Road. It is just hard to express the beauty of the place and the intoxicating sound of the water rushing over the fall. This is truly a Warren County treasure and is just another glimpse of the beautiful surroundings where God has placed us.

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  1. HA!!! 'Coon track!! We have a fat old waddly one out in the potting shed, and I hope he and our new PUP don't encounter each other.

    These are just splendid, as usual; I can HEAR the water, and smell that Deep-Fall scent of the mouldering leaves and the still-green of the ever-live mosses. I just hope there was just the faintest whiff of that one scent that truly spells Fall---the unmistakable tinge of a faraway pile of leaves, sending up their haze of blue smoke.

    Nothing like a baked sweet potato, just unearthed from beneath the ashes of a leaf-pile. I DO digress, but your pictures evoke a million memories.