Friday, November 6, 2009

My friends and I ran across one of the things I love to photograph — yet hate to photograph — the other day in another abandoned church, this one in the Mississippi Delta. Some beautiful pieces of furniture, including a unique communion serving table, were in the church. I wish I knew who to contact about a church like this, so we could preserve the many things in the church that the elements will surely ruin soon. It stirs my soul to think of the many prayers that have been lifted up here and the lives that were changed. I am glad I am able to record bits and pieces of them, however, for it brings me a small bit of comfort knowing that the church may soon be gone, but it will never be forgotten.

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  1. You're right---there SHOULD be a State Commission for the gentle removal and preservation of all the religious artifacts left to the wind.

    And so much of these seem still bright and the congregation just dismissed---you can practically hear the notes of "What a fellowship . . ." ringing across the pews as the Sunday suits and the bright hats nod their way out.

    Except for the languishing piano---they seem to take the abandonment hardest, with the yellowing keys and the dust sifting in. They're used to the human touch, and the symbiotic pairing which makes the music; without the hands to play them, they die---they faint---they fail.

    I'm going to ask you, friend to friend---would you go find some more neon or weight machines or lilypads? These last few days have been so evocative and perfectly captured, I think I might just sit here and cry.