Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random photos

I have tried and tried and tried to ride through Rolling Fork, Mississippi, without stopping and taking a photo of the Big Red Barn, but I can't. That's especially true if it is chosen as the site of an interpretive center and they start to renovate the place. I want to capture in its natural state before it is doodied up for company.

This Mack symbol is on a truck down at Sheffield Rentals in Vicksburg.

Two egrets gossip in the early morning hours in a borrow pit that sits alongside the Mississippi River levee over in Louisiana.

This beautiful art work by God was also growing on the levee.

Someone had built a fishing pier on one of the borrow pits along the levee. It was a good place to just enjoy the splendor of the surroundings that God created for us, from the ducks flying overhead to the herons gronking at each other at sunrise to the ripples created by fish starting their breakfast early. Ahh, peace.

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