Friday, January 30, 2009

Downtown black and white III

The Valley (look on the front about three stories up; one of the children is Laurence Leyens' dad)

On the hill next to the Biscuit Company

Building at corner of Grove and Walnut Streets

Christ Episcopal Church

Wow! What an adventure! I did not know I had taken so many photos from downtown. But it has been hard to leave any photos out. If you are just joining us, this is the third post of black and white photos from downtown Vicksburg. Keep scrolling to find the other two!

The last picture in this series of Mary is at a church I consider to be downtown, but some of you may not. If you still can't guess where some of these pictures in any of the posts were taken, then drop me a comment!

But this is not all! I couldn't resist returning to downtown at night last weekend and, so, on Monday I will post nighttime black and white shots of downtown, plus a couple of other b&w shots from the week. See you Monday!

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  1. Marty, these are WONDERFUL!

    From years and years ago, my favorite two small shops in Vicksburg were Sage's Bootery which had the best shoes of any shoe store EVER in any city and started my love affair with shoes. And Adele's House of Fashion. That was one of the nicest stores I've ever been in... excellent service, exquisite clothes, and beautiful surroundings. They had French phones and marble sinks and Austrian poof shades, and all sorts of goodness that ladies love! Yep, that store was the cat's pajamas. ;-)

    This is such fun touring black and white Vicksburg!



  2. And I remember Thom McAn! :-)

    Where are those two doors? I remember that the Valley sat on one of those steep hills, and you entered through a side door.


  3. I wish I could go on the scavenger hunt, but I'll have to settle for you telling me where the plaque with the three little boys is!


  4. Marty, those figures were from The Valley! WOW! That is neat! I remember the swirling letters on the side of the building (or maybe at the top), and I can remember the dress boxes from there. I thought it was a skyscraper! LOL!

    This is a fun scavenger hunt!