Thursday, January 15, 2009

Setting the mood...

Every once in a while, I will come across a photo opportunity that I believe will make a good black-and-white photo. Such is the case with this scene above. These photos were shot at Kings Point Ferry this past weekend. I like the photo for its simplicity, but also for the emotional response I have to the scene. This takes me back to my childhood and all the swings I played on as a child. The photo is rather forlorn to me, also, for I see in my mind the children who spent their hours on this tire swing. There used to be some homes at Kings Point Ferry, but the only reminder of them now is this swing. But which photo works best? The color one? The black-and-white? Or the sepia tone? I'm torn between each. Any opinions?


  1. Marty, this was an interesting post. Isn't it amazing how the different color techniques can affect the emotional tone of a picture.

    In my opinion, the color photo is the most pleasing to the eye ... but I think the black and white and sepia pictures evoke more of an emotional and nostalgic response.

  2. Marty, I like them all for different reasons. I like the subtle colors in the color photo, and I like the black and white because it evokes the image you described... a forlorn swing waiting for the return of children long since departed.

    I think it works better for me in black and white rather than in sepia because I think of tire swings in the age of the 1950's-1960's where you see more black and white than sepia photographs (though there are pictures of us in both during that era). I know automobiles were around during the heyday of the sepia era, but I just think of the tire swing as a later invention. The early tires were thin as compared to the ones on vehicles later on, so historically, I think you're safer with a black and white photograph or even color photo of a tire swing. My two cents. LOL!

    Sheila :-)