Monday, January 19, 2009

Expressions: Part I

I awoke Saturday morning and headed to Mint Springs. I was hoping the fall would still be a little bit frozen from the bitter cold the day before. But, alas, only a few icicles clung from the top of the fall.  Still a pretty picture, though. I'll show it to you later in the week.

The sky was completely overcast so I decided to head over to Cedar Hill Cemetery, because the best time to shoot photos there is when there are no shadows and even tones are available on the many monuments. While I was driving down Mission 66, however, the still, small voice in me said one word: "Expressions." That was it. Usually when I go shoot photos in Cedar Hill, it's all about wide angle photos and full monuments. But now I started to think along a different track. I entered the cemetery looking for expressions on the faces of statues. Cedar Hill is a virtual art musuem when it comes to sculpture, just like Vicksburg National Military Park is. I deliberately decided to photograph monuments I had never shot before and the results were both pleasing and startling to me. For some faces, time has passed slowly, while for others Mother Nature is slowly taking over. The lichen and moss on some of the faces nearly obscures the details. But yet, in itself, it is a very beautiful sight up close. I don't know what to think. Some of the photos are hauntingly beautiful is about all I can say. And no, that is not a pun.
I'll have more photos tomorrow.


  1. The monuments are, indeed, exquisite works of art, Marty ... as are your awe-inspiring photographs of them.



  2. Marty, amazing. You really do feel like they're telling us their story. I'm glad you listened to the Lord and caught their expressions. They are glorious, indeed.

    Sheila :-)