Monday, January 12, 2009

Of the moon and crosses...

SCHC Auditorium
Mercy Chapel at SCHC

Holy Trinity
St. Paul Catholic Church

Bethel AME Church

Vicksburg is blessed beyond measure with beautiful architecture. It's the little details that make the difference. That is evident even more so in the crosses that adorn the tops of many of the churches and other buildings in downtown Vicksburg. Leaving work on Dec. 8, I passed by the Southern Cultural Heritage Center and out my sunroof I glanced the sight of a moon peaking behind the cross on top of the auditorium at SCHC. What a sight! I made the block and went back and parked and got the top shot you see. That was followed by the shot of the cross on top of the convent. Real excited now, I started thinking about the other crosses in the area I could shoot with the moon as a background. The race was on! You'll see Holy Trinity, St. Paul Catholic Church and Bethel AME Church in the remaining photographs. The photos were taken right at dusk. Those are pigeons gathered on the base of the St. Paul cross. The sky in the Bethel photo looks different because the blue sky had disappeared by the time I was able to make it there. It was pretty dark then.

My advice to you today is....look up! Take a look at the details that surround you and revel in their beauty!

Bonus for Monday: The reason I started this blog is the inspiration I received from reading the blog of Janie, my good friend here in Vicksburg. She is a wonderful writer and photographer and her posts are just downright good to read! She can be found at:
Be sure to explore her "posts from the past" section, which can be found down the right side of her blog. Tons of great stuff can be found there!

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  1. Marty, what a beautiful way to start my Monday, and the week -- with your awe-inspiring "crosses in the moonlight" photos and your gracious and kind words about my blog at the bottom of your post. Coming from you, that is quite a compliment and means a lot to me.