Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The men of the Iowa Monument

I love the Iowa Monument. The sculpture there is absolutely superb. I have counted 41 men in the various reliefs of the monument. They are ready for business, too. I have studied each of their faces and each has a story to tell, it seems.  The sculptor shows a lot of depth in his work and I see that especially in this last photo. He looks like a soldier who has been in more battles than he can count. He's resolute in his convictions, but he looks so tired. You can almost see him dreaming about going home. 

It grieves me to go to the park and watch cars just zoom by the monuments without the occupants getting out and taking the time to really admire the little details that each monument offers. The park is one of the largest art museums you will ever find! Take advantage of it today.


  1. Marty, it amazes me how much feeling can be molded into a sculpture. It's as if you can hear the rumble of cannons and the shots of guns. They look so real! Vicksburg's park always captivated me as a child, and with shots like these, it astonishes me as an adult. Thanks for this trip down Memory Lane.
    It's lovely and a bittersweet both...

    Sheila :-)

  2. And a bit bitterswseet. Typos due to brain fog...