Saturday, January 3, 2009

Up close at Windsor Ruins

Now for the rest of the story...
As I wrote on Monday, I was angered by the fact that there was no fog or even a good sunrise at Windsor Ruins when I went to shoot there Saturday. But something happened. As I was standing there in my funk, a still, small voice spoke to me. Six words and six words only.

"Marty, stop looking and start seeing."

I was standing next to a scraggly little bush near the fence line of the ruins and I looked down. The first thing I saw was the fungus in the top photo. I have never seen anything so intricate and delicate. It was amazing! I ran to the truck, put on a macro lens that I have and went back and started shooting. I usually am not too good at macrophotography because I am too impatient to carry around a tripod and take the time to set it up, get it adjusted, fix it just right, you know what I mean. So I slapped on my monopod and had the time of my life! I started walking the grounds of Windsor seeing all the little things that were all around me. It was a whole new world! Fungus, seed pods, tiny knots no bigger than a BB in vines, tiny water droplets looking like tiny diamonds, clover so small I could cover it up with the tip of my key! The detail in these miniature creations was just amazing and awe-inspiring.

Aren't you glad we have a great God! A God who would take the time to put teeny, tiny hairs around the top of a teeny, tiny piece of clover so the dew would catch on it and provide it nourishment. If these photso are too small, click on the individual photos and they should pop up a larger size!

I appreciate the lesson God taught me Saturday. I am humbled by a God who took such care to design the small things we never even take the time to see. 


  1. Indeed. Sometimes we have to stop to "smell the roses." Great work.

  2. Marty, your talent and ability to create a spiritual quality to your photography never cease to amaze and inspire me ... both as a fledging "wanna-be" photographer and as a person.

    Thank you for sharing your "lesson from God" with us.



  3. We never realize the vastness of God's creation until we see the timy things He's made. God's masterpieces are for all to see, if we would just open our eyes to them. He is so good to us! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the spiritual insight. I have really enjoyed viewing them, and look forward to more.