Thursday, January 29, 2009


No theme today. Just a few photos I've taken the last few weeks I just wanted to share with you.
The first is the Mint Springs photo I took Saturday. Look closely and you will notice some of the icicles I talked about in an earlier post. I hope to catch bigger ice if if ever gets real cold again and I am able to get out to the springs and shoot.
The other two pictures are of a bus located in the woods near Kings Point Ferry. Look how the tree has grown around the front left bumper. I have taken several folks to photograph this old bus because it is just not something you expect to find. I enjoy seeing how different people compose their photos and have to confess that many of them have been quite more imaginative than I have been. That just makes me try harder in working on my composition of any photo I take.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Mary. You always find the neatest places and things to photograph.

    The bus photo makes you want to know the story about how it got there.

  2. Marty, these are some great shots. Love the waterfall, and the bus shots are so different. You're right. They are unexpected. And well worth shooting.

    Thanks for sharing these...

    Sheila :-)