Saturday, January 3, 2009

Windsor Ruins in Claiborne County

The forecast for Saturday morning, Jan. 3, called for fog. That's my favorite time to shoot. There was a touch of fog at my house when I woke at 6 a.m., so I decided to head to Windsor Ruins to see what it looked like in foggy conditions. I have been to Windsor Ruins so many times that it is a challenge now to find an angle or conditions there that I have not shot. It's a challenge I relish.
Arriving at the ruins, I was disappointed that there was not one drop of fog. Plus, there was not a good sunrise because of all the cloud cover. I was bummed. The wet conditions did make for some pretty pictures and the angle with the tree in front is a new one for me. 
The favorite part of Windsor, for me, is not the ruins themselves but the bits and pieces of columns that can be found in the woods around the ruins. They are easily accessible in winter, otherwise they can't be seen. I love the color of the moss on the fallen column pieces.
I saw a few deer while I was shooting. Now that would be a cool picture...a deer inside the ruins. I wonder how long I would have to wait for that shot? Hmmm......
But these aren't the best photos from the ruins on Jan. 3. I'll tell you the story and show you the rest of the photos on Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful angles and shots, Marty. I was there in July and your pictures make me want to go back now.

    I can't wait to hear ... and see ... "the rest of the story" tomorrow!



  2. Marty, these are wonderful photos. When I was a little girl, I knew the last person to live in Windsor before it burned. His name was Smith Daniell. He was one of the most interesting characters to ever live! When he was a tiny boy, the house burned, but he had some things which they had managed to get out of the house before it burned to the ground, namely a demitasse set and a gorgeous portrait of one of his female ancestors. He was an older gentelman when I knew him, and I adored him. His nickname for me was Ginny Wren. Maybe that's where my thing for birds got started! ;-) He also had nicknames for my sister and another friend of mine. Just a charming man and very interesting.


  3. I love the pics of Windsor ruins. I think it's such a sad place, to have survived the Civil War and then later to burn down. All the other pics are great too.