Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos around Vicksburg

OK, here are some random photographs around Vicksburg that I have shot in the last couple of weeks.
• The top photo is a sunset at City Front I shot the other day while the water was still relatively high there. I love the clouds.
• The Hotel Vicksburg sign is intriguing. I wonder why they had to put a window in right on the word "Hotel"; but even more than that, who was it who tried to turn the L into an E? If you didn't know any better, you would think it read "Home Vicksburg." Interesting.
• I have always loved the carriage doors on Dr. Lindley's place downtown. The circular windows just add to the building's uniqueness.
• I also like the photo of the old compress building down in the railyard. Specifically, what is that funnel used for that runs into the building? See it right under the window? Plus, old water towers like the one in the background are fast becoming a relic. I will document every one I see in my travels, for there are not that many left.
• The Fairground Street bridge will one day find a new home down with the MV Mississippi complex. I will shoot several photos of it from different angles over the coming months before it is dismantled or something else happens to it.
• This last picture is a remnant from my previous post about Mill D. Out in all the debris of the place is this water pipe happily pumping out water. Well, I thought it was neat. Made me think of the Sons of the Pioneers song, "Cool Water."

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