Thursday, July 23, 2009


Do me a favor and scroll down to the July 21 post. See the photo of the old piano? I love that picture. I can tell you why I love the photo as far as technique is concerned, but I did not really express how the photo spoke to me. And that is what I really wanted to do. I love the piano because it has a story to tell...and I was not able to convey that. But I found someone who can.

Rachel at put into words exactly what I was thinking about the old piano. She loves my photos and I love the way she puts words together. I beg of you to go read what she said about the piano. After reading what she says about the old church, go back and look at the piano again and I swear you will see it in another light.

After that, please delve further into her posts to read more of her writings. She has such a way with words, almost lyrical in nature and so, so descriptive. It's a good place to visit quite often for not many people can write in such a way as to connect with your heart and thoughts.

Rachel lives in Indiana but is a Southern girl. We have never met, just discovered each other in Blogland and have grown to be good friends through each other's posts. I consider her a friend and invite you to meet her as well.

But wait. There's more. Just as Rachel is a master at wordsmithing, please take time to visit Janie at Janie is a Vicksburg woman whose love of photography, the community of Vicksburg and all that is good in life is evident in each post she does. We, too, have become close friends through the magic of blogging. She is the one who inspired me to begin blogging and it has been quite a treat to visit her daily and see a glimpse into her travels around the area. She and I share the same love of photographing things around us. She has a great eye for composition and a soothing way with words. Make her a part of your daily blogging experience. She is doing a wonderful job recording life around her and she is such an inspiration to me. So spend some time on her site, digging all through the archives. The more you look, the more you'll enjoy this blog!


  1. Marty, your kindness overwhelmed me this morning, and I sincerely appreciate your gracious words about me and my blog. You are truly an inspiration to me, too, my friend.

    Your talent and God-given gift as a photographer never cease to amaze me, but it is the reflection of your sweet spirit and your love of God in your pictures that inspires me the most.

    I, too, am a great admirer of Rachel's awe-inspiring way with words. She is a very kind and compassionate lady who paints magical pictures through her stories about the simple pleasures of everyday life.

    Thank you again for your kind words. You made my day!

  2. Wow!!! I have no words.

    Well, you KNOW that's not so. I've just been so involved with our BabyGirl this morning, and all caught up in writing about churns and crocks and jars and dishes of pickles. I think I spent as much time writing about them this a.m. as it would take to make up a nice-sized canning of good old Saltwater Dills.

    Anyway, you said your writing was succinct. Your kind words were as elaborate and flowery as any ever written putting quill to parchment and ending with "yr. obd't servant," or "I remain, &c, &c."

    Thank you so much for the praise and the link and the confidence in my ramblings as to recommend a visit by your viewers and friends. That's a lovely compliment, and I'm gonna work hard to live up to all the good things you said.


    And I'm REALLY flattered to be included in a post with Janie, who is an absolute magician with her own blog.

  3. Well done, both Marty and Rachel. A great photo, such as the one taken of the piano generally needs no description. However, after reading Rachel's blog, my minds eye captured the piano perfectly. A perfect accompaniment.