Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random shots

Below are photos that I have enjoyed taking the last few weeks, but never found a day to post them:Bluebird, Vicksburg National Cemetery, 05.25.09

A precious tombstone in Cedar Hill Cemetery, 05.25.09 (I always find something new to shoot everytime I go to this cemetery.)

High water at City Front, 05.30.09

High water at Bovina Rail Trestle, 05.25.09

Bayou near Eagle Lake at sunset, 04.25.09

Cypress at Steele Bayou, 05.24.09

Storm's coming, Mississippi River Bridges in Vicksburg, 05.03.09


  1. Marty Kittrell, I have been visiting your site and I am blown away by your fabulous photographs. You do, indeed, have a gift. I am glad you are using it. Do you sell your work? I love dragonflies and I really like your photograph, and would love a print.

    You are gifted, young man!!!

    your old friend,

    Leslie Criss

  2. Love the one of the storm coming by the got the train crossing the river...neat!