Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eagle Lake

Recent trips to Eagle Lake and the levee yielded these photos that never made it to previous Eagle Lake posts. Have you ever seen a tree with that kind of root system? And the bayou in the last two photos is one of the most picturesque shots I know of in this area. I love the green colors there.


  1. Whoa! Highwater roots.

    These are just taking me so far back that I can feel the misty-heat on my skin and smell all the shades of green.

    I wondered if I might use yesterday's cypress-knees shot in a little memory I've been thinking of about the bayous of home---that congregation of knees around the tree is just stunning.

    And the GREEEEEEN of today's is surreal---what if Monet had seen OUR water-scenes?

  2. Beautiful pics the swamp are just the the way...I love old mailboxes also. Something different and unique with charactor! :)

  3. I was out at Eagle Lake last weekend...I tried to catch a bird in flight, much like your picture above. Unfortunately, they were not cooperative. They just wanted to sit odd angles, no less. I love the last picture, the levee is one of my favorite places to visit. Your lighting is perfect, it almost makes the spanish moss look elegant.