Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patano Cemetery in Claiborne County

Patano Cemetery, located on Hwy. 548 in Claiborne County, is located on top of a small hill that you will miss if you aren't looking for it. One plot of the cemetery looks like it is being maintained, but the rest is going back to nature. A small sign along the road said the cemetery was established in the 1840s. There are some beautiful tombstones in this cemetery, but there were many others that I could not get to because of the overgrowth. And this is the wrong time of year to be crawling through that kind of stuff. The only reason I have these photos is because I wore my snake boots — the most important piece of equipment I own. I wouldn't dare traipse through vegetation like this if not for them.

As always, if you know more about this cemetery, please leave a comment.

And do me a favor, will you? Forward this blog to others who you think might be interested in these ol' photos I put up every weekday. I would appreciate it.


  1. So good to find another cemetery photographer. Love these images...especially the first one. Strange way I found you. Your blog triggered a google alert I have for Claiborne County....but the claiborne county I'm close to is in TN.

    So glad of the mix-up. Off to read more!

  2. As I looked at your photos, Marty, before I read your description, I was hoping you had on your snake boots when you explored the cemetery. Its "wildness" is part of its beauty and you captured it perfectly. I especially love the pictures of the old gate and fence.

  3. Marty, I love pictures like these & especially the gate picture--I'm from Cincinnati! How exciting to see that gate made its way all the way to MS sometime in the 1800's and is still there. I'd love to know the history...

  4. I think I see poison ivy in some of the pictures at the cemetery. I hope you got out without a rash.