Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Edwards, Mississippi

Rambled around Edwards, Miss., the other day when I went to find the city cemetery there. I love Edwards Presbyterian Church and you can't find a neater picture than the Edwards sign when you enter the small town. Although, I have to say the earth is reclaiming many of the letters. Jesus ran in an election a while back. I just can't figure out who He was running against. One of those famous scattered thunderstorms of Mississippi passed through while I was riding around and the Lord blessed me with a rainbow. It was faint, but I filled in the colors in my heart. I'll do a post later on for the Edwards Cemetery.


  1. Marty, I love Edwards. I passed through there last week and took time to capture a picture of the church steeple, which is in my post for today. I love your pictures, especially the one of the window.

  2. OK, Marty,

    This was so ME today that I just sat down and wrote me a little bit about it, and it's today's post on LAWN TEA, with a link to here and some remembrances of a lot of your photos and what they evoke in my memory.

  3. Hah!!! I DID IT!!! I managed to get one of your pictures to my blog {{{happy dance}} with the help of my Sis, who had a good look at yours and is just mesmerized. They've had a 22- month drought in Texas, and she's looking her eyes full of the bayous and swamps.

    I hope you were happy with what I wrote.