Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Driving in the Delta

I drove up 61 into the Mississippi Delta on July 15. My mission was to see the annual butterfly invasion in Delta National Wildlife Area. There is a service road that enters the area from up around Valley Park and Cary and I figured that would give me a good idea if they had arrived yet. They had. But it was not as I expected. I have never seen that many small butterflies in all my life. They look like dust rising in the road ahead of your vehicle. Every once in a while there would be clumps of bigger butterflies. Getting photos of those clumps is hard, let me tell you. I shot a few photos of some of the bigger butterflies, including the fellow at the top, but finally gave up on taking photos and just enjoyed walking among the butterflies. I did not drive too far down the service road, because it felt like I would be killing hundreds of the little fellas as I drove. The guilt would not let me go any further, because I hate to kill a butterfly, much less scores of them.

The second photo is a storm I watched go over me near Onward on the way to Delta National. It was real low to the ground and was awesome to watch pass over. I could hear some rumblings of thunder, but never saw any lightning.

I decided to explore some side roads near Cary and found Mr. Turtle crossing the road. I got a blanket out of the truck, threw it on the ground in front of Mr. Turtle and saw how close I could get to him with a 100mm macro lens. Mr. Turtle did not appreciate this. I am just so glad that no one came down the road while I was lying in the middle of the road on a blanket with my camera in the face of Mr. Turtle. That would have been awkward to explain. I could not get Mr. Turtle to smile for the picture.


  1. Those are awesome pictures of the turtle, Marty, and I love the butterfly, too. Sometimes I think a picture of me taking a picture would be a lot more interesting than the picture I'm taking at the time.

  2. However did you get that perfect post from the sapphire beauty?

    And the expression on Mr. T's face is priceless---patient and wary and would be threatening if he could think of all three things at once. But calm and with the placid eyes of an armored knight when the foe is armed only with a black box.

    And don't you think "Storm Over Onward" would make a terrific book title? I can feel the plot wisping around in my mind already.