Thursday, July 2, 2009

St. Phillip Cemetery?

I don't know the name of this cemetery that is on Hwy. 548 south of Hermanville. There is no sign identifying it on the road, but there have been some recent burials in it. It is just up the road from St. Phillip Church which I posted about the other day (scroll down to read it, if you would like). The grave with a chair sitting in front of it is what caught my eye as I went by the cemetery. There's a story there. I can just imagine someone coming and sitting among their loved ones and having a chat.

This cemetery has a feature that I have not seen elsewhere. Many of the graves have a curved cement slab on top of them. The third photo shows several of them and the fourth photo shows four of the graves with the unusual top, but they are covered over by leaves and such.


  1. I love the photo with the chair, Marty. It's very touching.

    I love the stone that looks as if someone hand-carved the letters in it, too.

  2. Maybe since the curved stones are all in the one cemetery, and you could imagine that the same person or stone-market provided all of those, perhaps it's just that the moldin'-trough happened to be curved in the bottom?

    I DO love wandering with you--- You're our own F-Stop Fitzgerald.

  3. The bridges and the lightning! My favorite is first!