Friday, October 2, 2009

Slow going

Ran across this wagon in a barn the other day. How would you like to have to hitch this up to a horse and then drive it into town when you needed groceries? Go hug your car today.


  1. Pieces of our past, captured before they melt again into the earth. With items such as these, and old household things which show rust and wear, I sometimes think that that's they way they always were, with those worn spots and the splintered edge.

    I have to take a second look, and let the years fall away, to see the bright new wood, the shiny-greased axles, the supple leather and un-rusted links of the harness and chain---before the ravages of work and Time.

    And from here, I can smell the scent of that old shed with its dry dirt floor, untouched by rain for decades, and the patient enduring of the days.

    You just have a knack for seeing which translates into sculpture and vignette and tableau---a rare gift for recording and preserving. And I feel rich just looking at the images.

  2. Don't have a car...but will hug my Sierra GMC truck! :) Neat pictures as always how you can capture the past like you do. I took a pictue of a wagon on top of a mountain outside of Santa Fe, NM and it really turned out nice and had layers of old paint of red and green. The wagon part was gone but the 4 wheels were still standing. If it could only talk!

    It was so nice to meet you yesterday and will always treasure my gift! Thanks again! :)