Friday, October 16, 2009

Random photos

Here are some random shots taken over the past few weeks:

This gorgeous purple flower was blooming on the levee over in Louisiana.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Grand Gulf Military Park
Claiborne County, Mississippi

Big leaf, little spider
Spider is on lower top edge of leaf
(He's real tiny, folks)

Leaf on hand rail
Grand Gulf Military Park

Ready for the next game
Cope's Grocery; Pioneer, La.

Rotary telephone still in use at Cope's Grocery
Cope's Grocery; Pioneer, La.

The Big Red Barn
Rolling Fork, Mississippi

These next two photos are very special to me for I spotted them on railroad tracks that run across the Mississippi River alongside the old Hwy. 80 bridge during the Over the River Run.
Can anything more adequately describe the will to live — to survive against all odds — than these little plants eking out life in cracks on creosote rail ties on the bridge? What an inspiration! If things seem tough to you right now, keep on growing! You'll survive — and maybe even thrive! There's a lesson here for all.

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  1. That gorgeous purple flower is exponentially more beautiful, but reminds me of the optic-fiber flowers in a clock we had way years ago. It hung in our bedroom, and on Sunday nights we'd lie in bed late, watching the tips of the flowers glow, as we listened to Music From the Hearts of Space. I hadn't thought of that in years.

    And the organ pipes, taken just as that one frame, are like polished instruments each one, in a black case to keep them safe and shining.

    And the brave little sprigs in the rail-tie---would you believe I water the tiny outlines of moss in the cracks in our driveway? Life is indeed a miraculous and wonderful thing.