Friday, October 9, 2009

Have you lost or gained weight?

You can date yourself very easily by admitting you ever used one of these two devices in your past. That's right...they are weight scales. And these are the kind that do more than tell you how much you weigh, but will also tell you all about your character and even predict the future! And it was possible...just could get your weight told for free on one of them! Can someone tell me why these these went out of vogue?

These two machines are located in front of an antiques store in Oak Grove, La. And, no, I did not get on the dang things! ...Now I remember why they went out of vogue!


  1. I love these, Marty. They remind me of the magic wish machine in the movie "Big," that turned Tom Hanks into a little boy.

    Only you could turn them into works of art!

  2. My fix of memories for the morning---Janie and her old viney barns and you and the "weigh" machines. These---the ones which didn't die and go to street-corner Heaven---are alive and well in the restrooms of truck-stops ALL up and down I-65---the GrandDaughters are fascinated, and we have to "get a fortune" on every stop.

    I love being able to count on your eye to find just the right thing to start my remembrall working.

    I enjoy it so much, and it helps that I can think that not ALL my synapses have hit the bug light.