Thursday, October 15, 2009

More sights from the old bridge

Here are some other photos of boats and barges taken from the old Mississippi River bridge during the Over the River Run Saturday. The top photo is one that most people didn't see, the Sheriff's Department boat patrolling underneath the bridge before and during the race. I appreciate Sheriff Martin Pace and his staff for that.

This was an unusual thing to see — three tows pushing barges and even the supply boat hooked up alongside. I have never seen a configuration like this on the river. And to think it passed by me on the one day I was on the bridge!

This is the view that greeted us in the first few moments when we stepped on the bridge that morning.
I love to watch the wheelwash. Talk about power!

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  1. I can hear the swashing of the water bursting back from those great engines, smell the river-tang in the air---and then, like a great herd has passed with all the clamor and clop of hooves and dust---suddenly the water's smooth and quiet, as if nothing had disturbed the day.

    You certainly WERE in the right place for these---I've never seen such a great convoy---it must have looked like that first glimpse of the huge starship in the first Star Trek movie, lumbering past without end.

    And the dawn colors, with the pale gold lights reflecting---I think that's my favorite. I love the moments of almost-day best of all.