Friday, October 23, 2009

Random shots from Mint Springs

Here are some more images from Mint Springs, located in the Vicksburg National Military Park. God's Glory is so amazing, isn't it?

Shoot, I ran out of week to show you more photos from Cedar Hill Cemetery! I'll show'em to you later, OK? Hey, have a nice weekend, everybody. Thanks for visiting. Send this blog to all your friends who you think may enjoy it! I would appreciate it!


  1. I go back to these every day, just for the coolth of it, the serenity of that green solitude.

    Your camera even seems to get the sound of it---perhaps it's my vivid imagination on this dreary rainy day. I swear I can hear that eternal waterfall and feel the mist on my face.

  2. Love the wet leaf ones! I know where this place is located but have never been actually down to the have really captured it and feel like I was standing right there with you. Excellent!