Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quiet Time

On Tuesday, my wife, Karen, and I were able to spend some quiet time together at City Front. We got there in time to see the sun settle in for the night and a majestic palette of colors was presented to us. It was perfect for our time together. I like sharing things like this with my wife, just the chance to be together in each other's company. No words need to be said. That's nice.
After the sun went down, Karen pointed out a Great White Heron sitting on the back of a trailer parked in the water. We eased closer to him and watched him as he patiently nabbed his supper.

Then the night became spectacular! As that towboat passed by, it created waves that were topped by the golden sun, creating bands of gold rolling and rolling to shore. Oh, what a sight!


  1. OH, to stand so confident in the tide as the waves of gold wash around our feet!!

    These are my favorite of all your pictures, ever, I think. That majestic waterbird and his own milieu and the sunset making such a magnificent show, which, if not for the two of you, might have been his alone, and probably is, most evenings.

    Perhaps he visits this supperspot every night; the dining looks good, and the show is without equal. Happy bird.

  2. It's as if God said, let me give you some ripples and really make this a great shot! Man, the orange colors are spectacular.