Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Warren County Courthouse

One of the most under-appreciated buildings in Vicksburg is the Warren County Courthouse. It is a beautiful structure and one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the state. There is some beautiful scrollwork on this building and the stairwells and light fixtures inside are magnificent. My favorite pieces of the courthouse are the big lights on the outside along the stairs leading into the courthouse. Some beautiful artwork adorn them. Most people never see this beauty for they are usually gawking at the Old Court House Museum right across the street, the crown jewel of Vicksburg. But both have a place to be appreciated. These photos were taken at dusk the other day. Drive by at night one day and admire the beauty of the lamps along the stairs. It's a pretty sight. And next time you go inside to pay your taxes or report for jury duty, take some time to look at the details of this building. You'll come to enjoy it as much as I.


  1. The building looks as if it soars up twenty stories---a home for giants' commerce.

    We love to stroll through old courthouses---the tile floors and the graceful curves of the bannisters, the architecture of a vast dome or the fanciful scrollwork on a heating vent.

    And if there's a flag flying atop, or an eagle-capped dome---the sky is never so blue as when it's
    background for one of those.

  2. PS If you're ever up Oxford way, I'd love to see the blue of the sky over Fulton Chapel.

    I used to stand and just gaze past the brick and the ornate decorations, at the bluest sky I'd ever seen. I still remember it as that.

  3. I love Rachel's Mississippi memories, don't you, Marty?

    You captured the courthouse at a beautiful time of day. I love the 2nd picture with the warm glow of the lights.

  4. I love the's one of my favorites.