Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black and white

I don't take too many photos in black and white, but here are two that just begged to be that way! They were shot a few weeks ago at a shed and house at the Big Red Barn in Rolling Fork. The top photo is my favorite. Part of that is the vines against the wood make for great contrast, yet compliment each other so well. I also like the shadow cast by the stud on the left side of the photo. It gives the picture a bit of depth. It helped that it was real sunny when I took this one.

I love the weather-beaten boards of the old house. Empty windows also call to me, just like old cemeteries and old churches do.


  1. I do love the old let-the-picture-speak-for-itself look of B&W. I clicked on the top one to enlarge, and though it did not change size, it gains yet another persona against the white background.

    Gazing into the empty eyes of old houses can tell you stories. And you're a good listener.

  2. Very nice effect in black and white. I too like the weather-beaten boards. Great shots as usual.