Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the cross

One of my favorite things to shoot is church steeples and here are crosses on the top of two in the Mississippi Delta.

The top photo is on top of Goldman Memorial United Methodist Church in Cary, Miss. It was taken from the rear of the church. No, the two holes are not bullet holes. At one point in time, the sign was neon-lit and that is the entrance and exit holes for the neon tubing. Sure would have liked to have seen that at night!

The other two photos are of a church steeple on a little church just off U.S. 61 North up near Valley Park. There is no name or anything to identify the church. But the simple cross speaks volumes to me. My friends and I were there when the Sonlight was pouring through the trees and made it even more significant. Wow!

I'll have some photos of another church in Cary for you tomorrow. We were able to go inside and it was a most reverent place. I go to a big, big church and it is good sometimes to go to a small church and sit in the well-worn pews where worship is simple.

Thanks for visiting today. I never take those who visit here for granted.

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  1. " . . .and the burden of my heart rolled away . . ."

    I'll be humming that all morning. These pictures are so evocative of home---how it's built on faith and how so many of the symbols are just crumbling away.

    Thank you for keeping me a part of that no-other-like place.