Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transylvania Elementary School and other sights

The highway between Tallulah and Lake Providence is a wonderful road to travel. Here are four from a recent trip up that way:
Nuts and bolts on a 55-gallon drum in Sondheimer

Tires against a tree near Transylvania

The slide at the abandonded Transylvania Elementary School

Kudzu creeps up on the front doors of the abandoned Transylvania Elementary School
(I love the colors in this photo)


  1. I love the way you find beauty in everything, Marty ... even in rusty nuts and bolts and old sliding boards.

  2. I love the colors in the door photo, as well. And I wonder what was on that sign taped on the door---was it an announcement, a "Use Other Door" reminder, or a caution that stepping out the red into the green might cause the unwary to be tripped, trapped or never seen again.

    Stephen King would LOVE this picture.

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  4. I'm a Vicksburg native living in Baton Rouge and would love to use some of your pictures from your blog with your permission to spark some writing from my 9th grade students. I just find them so inspiring. If I have your blessing, please let me know.

  5. Lucas,
    You didn't leave me a place to email, so email me at and let's talk!

  6. Marty - you can take the oddest things and transform it into a thing of beauty...well the slide and the doors and like the way the yellow pops out from the! :)