Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rambling in Claiborne County

A ride down to Claiborne County to no point in particular yielded this batch of photos the other day:

Water drop on lily pad

Gator in lake at Port of Port Gibson

Cedar tree at Rocky Springs Cemetery

Graveyard fence post at Rocky Springs Cemetery

Mailbox on Curtis-Luster Road

Ferguson Tractor logo

Tree trunk graffiti

Yellow leaf on wet rock in creek

Farmall Tractor logo

Farmall Tractor sitting alongside Curtis-Luster Road


  1. Some of everything---like a patchwork quilt made of glimpses.

    I wonder if that old Farmall's for sale.

  2. I believe that Farmall was for sale!We met the lady that owns it and she asked if we were interested. Marty might remember her name.

    That mailbox photo has a story to tell. It sits there day after day taking the mail for all those years, now it's rusting away, shot up and leaning over with a bent up door. Poor mailbox!