Friday, August 28, 2009

Pioneer High School

We found a photographic gold mine the other day in the form of the abandoned Pioneer High School and Pioneer Elementary School in Pioneer, La. It's between Oak Grove and Delhi. It has been abandoned for several years. It was eerie to walk through the place. But it was an excellent place for a study on light and shadow. A couple of the photos are presented in both color and B&W, so you can compare the two.


  1. Oh, my goodness, Marty ... I wish I had been there! Those are truly stunning pictures. I love all of them, but I believe my favorite is the second one of the blue door.

  2. I wish I COULD come take a tour with you---you find places which were proud and strong, and now are melting into the earth, never to be again.

    The colors, the doors, the staircase with the wall crumbling onto it, the rows of seats from some forgotten auditorium, with the echoes of long-still voices whispering in the ruins.

    I've SAT in those foldy-seats, squirming in the right-after-lunch heat as first graders rocked in terror upon the stage or fled in tears into the wings; as hopeful, sweating Valedictorians smiled and pattered through a canned speech, chosen from the four prevailing subjects of the year, as droning local dignitaries went on and on about our futures, comparing them to ships and buildings and clouds in the sky, until it felt as if the ivy HAD crept across the floor and twined around our feet.

    Marvelous captures. Perfect glimpses into memory.

  3. If only those walls could talk! Amazing pictures Marty! You really know how to capture the subject. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent with us! :)