Friday, August 21, 2009

Random shots

Let's do a little housecleaning, shall we? These are recent photos that just didn't find a home in any of my posts of late.

This is what I call an artsy-tartsy shot. I was shooting at City Front the other night and when I started to turn around my high beams highlighted this bench and garbage receptacle. It looked pretty cool with the shadows. So I took a photo! The more I look at it, the better I like it.

The full moon was over the river at sunrise the other morning.

Bird at dusk along bayou in Mound, La.

Heading upriver at sunset

I came this close to walking right into this big fellowthe other day. Still gives me the willies...

Another artsy-tartsy one. I call this:
Water Running Over Rocks In Creek

Another moon at sunrise. I see them on my way to work and just have to try to take a picture of it. I haven't quite figured it out just yet. That's why I keep trying...

The City Depot a few days after the Fourth of July

A sunrise from Oak Ridge Road

Egret, herons and all sort of birds in the Delta National Wildlife Area

I hope you enjoyed these and encourage you to venture out this weekend and see what you can see! God's Glory is all around us!


  1. I like the headlight on bench. It immediately gives you this mystery feeling. Like someone should be there, but they're not. I love the creative deep thought that drew from your soul when you named "Water running over rocks in creek", it inspires me.

  2. Marty, Mr. Magpie and I visited with Gordon C. lately, and we tried to pull up your blog and mine for him to see. Unfortunately, his house doesn't have a signal so we weren't able to do so. I still hope your ears were burning because we all had complimentary things to say about your work. :-)