Friday, June 5, 2009

Mill D

The dismantling of Anderson-Tully's Mill D at the railyard in downtown Vicksburg is nearly complete. Tearing down the front part of the mill has exposed what looks like the original building that existed on the site, an old brick building that I can only guess at its age. You could always see portions of the building when the mill was active, but it is a pretty impressive building now that all the infrastructure around it has been cleared away. It has some beautiful brickwork. It will be sad to see this portion of the mill come down; the birds who have made the holes in the brick walls will have to find new places to dwell. Click on any of the photos to see the detail in the brickwork.


  1. What a shame to tear those bricks down, as well as all the history in them. I love that second photo.

    I also love the way you can find beauty in some of the simplest "everyday" things, Marty, that most people don't even see.

  2. Marty - will have to show this to my husband, Bob. He was Director of Labor Relations at Anderson-Tully from 1980 to 1994 and went to Mill D almost everyday. It is sad to see a building torn down. A lot of bygone memories and I love the way you captured the pictures of the bricks with the birds. Different!

  3. TO think all these bricks were probably made by hand. Sure is a lot of history! (My dad is a bricklayer/building restorer.)