Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Old Court House Museum

I had a wonderful time the other weekend shooting photos at the Old Court House Museum in the early morning light. I made it a challenge by just shooting with a wide-angle lens. This is such a beautiful building and has more character on its front porch than some entire homes have. With the dogwood trees, magnolia trees and gingko trees upon its grounds, it's fun to shoot photos here at many different times of the year. The last photo is the entrance to an underground chamber that has seen many uses over the years. One of the hidden treasures of the museum, however, is the beautiful flowers that adorn its exterior. And pretty much each plant has a story, too. I'll show you some photos I shot of the flowers at the museum tomorrow. Y'all come back now, you hear!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Marty. I'd love to explore that underground chamber. If only bricks and mortar could talk!

    I'll be back tomorrow to see the flowers.

  2. I never knew that existed...where is it located on the grounds?
    Once again, beautiful pics! Great work of art! :)