Friday, June 26, 2009

St. Phillip Church

I have a deep passion for photographing old churches. A photo of this old church, St. Phillip Church on Hwy. 548 in Claiborne County, appeared a couple of weeks ago in the Port Gibson Reveille and I knew I had to go find it for myself. If you think I take a lot of photos, I don't have anything on Emma Crisler, owner/editor/publisher of the Reveille. That woman traverses the backroads of Claiborne County capturing more scenes than I ever could. I admire her for doing so.

I could not find any history about this church, but the church is a beautiful one. The steeple is so amazing. And my heart breaks seeing nature reclaim it for her own. The entire back of the church has collapsed already as you can see from the bottom photo taken from right inside the front door.

If anyone can post some history of the church, I would appreciate it. A cemetery is just up the road, but I don't know if it is associated with this church or not. I will show you some photos from there next week, as well as from the Patano Cemetery which is also on 548.

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  1. Great old church. AND one you can get into! These are beautiful!