Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The studio of Hobbs Freeman

One of the neatest places I have been in during the past few years has been the studio of Hobbs Freeman down Campbell Swamp way in south Warren County. The beautiful studio is chockful of wonderful stuff that I could look at and plunder through for hours. The four photos here are just a sampling of the many treasures Hobbs has collected over the years. He has made some beautiful pieces of art himself. The photos were taken with available lighting and hand-held, but I think they came out wonderfully. Hobbs is sick now and my prayers go out to him.


  1. Just beautiful...love the play of the lights on everything. Hope Hobbs will get better...

  2. These colors are so beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at the closeup of the window--all the colors & the sanddollar perched on the sill.

  3. Marty, you have no idea how thankful I am you captured this studio/home for posterity. Hobbs was one of my very favorite people, and I can hardly believe he is gone. I'm typing this with tears running down my cheeks.

    Mr. Magpie and I met him through a mutual friend several years ago, and we both adored him. I'll never forget seeing his studio for the first time. I thought I had landed in some enchanted place, and your pictures give a lovely glimpse of that.

    The world is a lot emptier without Hobbs in it, but oh, how blessed I feel to have known him.

    Thanks for this...


    Sheila :-)