Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bees and mystery blooms

One of my favorite places to work on my macrophotography is at the butterfly garden located next to the Audubon store on Washington Street in downtown Vicksburg. One of the biggest plants in the garden is the plant that produces this neat looking bloom. Will someone please tell me what it is? All I know is that bumblebees love the thing! They literally swarm the bush during this time of year. The bees just leave me alone. They're too busy packing their back legs with the yellow stuff to pay me any mind. I would be better at macrophotography if the dang bees would stay still for more than 2 seconds!


  1. Marty, you find the neatest places! I didn't know about the butterfly garden, but you can be sure I will check it out. I'm not sure what the plant is, but your photos are awesome.

    I've been photographing bumblebees on our "Chaste Plant," and it amazes me how close you can get to them without them "buzzing" you.

  2. I hope I'm not posting twice, but it didn't seem like the first attempt went through. I think your mystery plant might be Fatsia Japonica. Look at this link to compare....

    I grew up in Vicksburg and your blog brings back so many good memories! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs.

  3. I have never seen a flower like that and also did not know that the garden existed. Looks neat with the bumble bee on always, fantastic photography!

  4. That is a buttonbush. I love your photos.