Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wildlife at Eagle Lake

We have driven up to Eagle Lake a few times in the past couple of weeks and this is some of the wildlife we have encountered. You might want to click on the photos to enlarge them. The alligator at top is one of the big boys. I would estimate him in the 9-10 foot range. He lives in a bayou near Eagle Lake. The deer was on the levee near Eagle Lake. Notice the two nubs where he will soon have spikes. Mama Goose and Daddy Goose did not appreciate me taking photos of their children and skedaddled further into a bayou along the levee near Eagle Lake. I don't know what kind of bird the little fella is in the last photo, but it is beautiful. 


  1. I love all of these, Marty ... especially the little deer.

    I also enjoyed seeing your Bryce's Bayou photos in yesterday's post. The last picture with the roots is incredible. You truly "have an eye" for capturing things that most people never see.

  2. Love these nature photos of wildlife. I just hope the gator didn't decide to have duck pate for lunch. ;-)