Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunset at the bridges

My wife, Karen, and I were lucky enough to be out and about in Vicksburg Friday afternoon and we took time to watch this spectacular sunset go down behind the bridges over the Mississippi River. What beauty! Again, this is another example of God's Glory. The one thing that you cannot see in these photos are the purple martins who filled the air swooping in and out and all about. Have you been to the overlook lately and viewed the majestic Mississippi River? Don't take it for granted. It will bless your heart to take it all in at least every once in a while!


  1. Those are awesome pictures, Marty ... My favorite is the first one with the trees framing it.

  2. Marty - my granddaughter and I were at the Louisiana Circle last Friday. I saw how big the sun was while on Indiana Ave., and ran by the house on National St and grabbed my camera. By the time we got there the sun had gone down behind the clouds but did get some awesome pics if you want to go to my blog and take a look! I will link you on my blog. I just love taking pictures myself and I am really enjoying yours. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing!

    Marian :)