Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A stormy Sunday morning

Louisiana Monument

Graveyard Road

Battery De Golyer

Illinois Memorial

Gen. U.S. Grant

For many, Sunday morning was a pretty dreary time with overcast skies, some light rain and then some heavy rain. Not for me! Just look at many shades of blue the Lord threw into the sky that morning! I was up early and once I saw the clouds I knew I had to go see what I could find. Naturally, I ended up in the biggest art museum in the Southeast United States — the Vicksburg National Military Park. The sun broke through for just a little while and the Lord blessed me by letting me be near Graveyard Road when that occurred and the result is the second photo. I just love the sunbeams shooting down through the clouds. It only lasted for a moment, but I was once again overwhelmed by the beauty of this great world of ours and this small portion of it we call home.

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  1. A great work of art Marty - Colors are breathtaking! :)