Friday, May 15, 2009

Random shots

Here are some random shots taken in the last few days. It includes a little church tucked away on a hill off Stouts Street in Vicksburg. I don't know the name of the church since there is no sign located anywhere identifying it. 
• The scarecrow was doing a fine job in a garden on Sea Island Drive at Eagle Lake. He even waved at me!
• The next two photos of are of the bridge flag taken from both the south and from the north. Thanks to Riverwalk Casino for the beautiful photo-taking site they made for me along the Mighty Mississippi. You can get right next to the river there. And the higher the water gets, the closer you can get!
• The bottom photo is the Buzzard Roost Motel located at Steele Bayou up near Eagle Lake. 

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed your pictures this week, Marty. My favorites are the cannon on Fort Hill at sunset, the old magnolia tree and headstones, Hoben's Store, the shot of the pew with the collection basket, and the scarecrow.

    Happy shooting this weekend ... I hope to get out and ramble next week.